Sports Chiropractors Can Help With Injury Relief and Improved Athletic Performance

As a sports enthusiast himself. Dr. Peterson takes a special interest in treating sports injury patients in the Lehi, Highland, and Alpine area. He has first-hand experience how hard it can be to sit out on the sidelines due to an injury, so his main goal for our sports patients is to help them recover and get back to their chosen activities as soon as possible. We also go beyond just helping our athletes find accelerated relief from back pain, neck pain, golfer’s or tennis elbow, tendonitis, bursitis, knee pain, shoulder pain, and so on. As a Sports Chiropractor, Dr. Peterson uses chiropractic care, massage therapy, therapeutic exercises and techniques like Kinesiology taping, we try to help our patients improve their form, strength and flexibility so they are less susceptible to future injury—and we do it all without drugs or invasive procedures.


Dr. Peterson has successfully treated almost every type of sports injury imaginable with his innovative sports chiropractic approach. Sports injuries can generally be separated into two categories: traumatic injuries due to a competition or training accident, and repetitive-stress injuries. Golf players, for example, often come to Dr. Peterson for relief from back pain, elbow pain and shoulder pain because of the repeated twisting involved in the swing. Traumatic injuries like torn ligaments, sprains and strains from falls and accidents also require prompt attention if they are to heal properly.


runer woman with knee injury and pain

Dr. Peterson provides a wide range of soft-tissue therapies designed to treat muscle, tendon and ligament sprains and strains. Sports massage therapy, for example, is highly effective at loosening musculoskeletal tensions, increasing circulation to muscles that need replenishment, and reducing inflammation at the cellular level. He also uses the Graston technique to help break down adhesions and scar tissue that inhibit the optimal function of the muscles. Massage therapy in particular is also an effective, drug-free pain management option, since it releases the body’s own powerful painkillers (endorphins) into the bloodstream.


Dr. Peterson can also work with active athletes to provide Kinesiology taping. You may have seen the colorful patterns of tape worn by elite athletes at the Olympics and other international sports competitions. This breathable Kinesiology tape provides flexible support to soft tissues, helping to drain fluids and reduce swelling while also preventing possible over-extension injuries.

Almost every Professional and College team uses Chiropractic care to treat their athletes and keep them in the game.

If you have suffered an injury playing Basketball, Soccer, Football, Running, Cycling or participating any other activity call us today.



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