What to Expect From a Chiropractic Visit?



At Utah Sports and Family Chiropractic, we are proud to offer relief from Relief from  Migraine Headaches,  TMJ,  Back Pain, Neck Pain and much more for those in the Lehi, Highland, and Alpine area. In fact we have helped hundred of pain sufferers just like you enjoy the transition from Pain to Relief!  So if you suffer and want relief from Migraine Headaches, TMJ,  Back Pain and Neck Pain, and live close to the Lehi, Highland, and Alpine area we urge you to call us at (801) 893-1010 for a FREE consultation with no obligation.

Lehi, Highland, and Alpine Chiropractor That Really Can Help

Utah Sports and Family Chiropractic is one Chiropractor in the Lehi, Highland, and Alpine area that can really make a difference. That’s why you owe it to yourself, when choosing from different health care providers to call Dr. Peterson TODAY, for your free, no obligation consultation.

  Our aim at Utah Sports and Family Chiropractic is to make your visit as comfortable as possible.  Everyone’s situation is unique and deserves the time to talk with someone specifically about their options.  Before we proceed with any examinations or procedures we like to give our patients all the options available. Then–if time permits–we will proceed, on the same visit to get you back to the better moving you.

Dr. Garrett Peterson, DC

Chiropractic Physician for Lehi, Highland, and Alpine

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