Chiropractor for Alpine, Highland, and Lehi Utah



Dr. Peterson is a graduate of The University of Western States in Portland, Oregon and received his  Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.  As an athlete himself, Dr.  Peterson has adopted a “hands on” adjusting style and created an office that  integrates multiple chiropractic, soft tissue and physiotherapy techniques all  for the best interest of the patient.

My Chiropractic Story

Before entering the chiropractic profession I was a patient, admittedly not the best one, so I understand the questions and concerns of my patients. But my story is more of a warning of what not to do.  I had a long history sprained ankle and knees from years of competitive soccer, wrestling, and other traumatic injuries (but no broken bones!).  I went to a chiropractor occasionally, mostly when my parent would force me to go, but never stuck with a treatment.  When you’re young you feel you can recover on your own from anything.  Unfortunately, that led to having to take more drastic measures when my injuries caught up with me.  They always do if you don’t take care of them!  After some cortisone shots, a couple of surgeries, and 2 years on crutches my chances of playing at college were done.  Its a tough pill to swallow when sports has been your life!  After my surgeries I was told that I couldn’t play any competitive sports or do anything physically demanding on my ankles.  So I spent the next 8 years at school figuring out how I can treat myself, and others with the same injuries.

I didn’t need the surgery, cortisone shots, and braces that were being pushed on me…I just needed to retrain my body to move the way I was supposed to. THAT is what chiropractic can do for you.


Life is no fun sitting on the sidelines.  I know what it takes to keep you in the game! 


Since getting off the crutches and learning how to treat myself as a chiropractor I have become an avid:


Freeway Jump (5)



Mixed Martial Artist



Mt. Langley Hike (31)

and just about anything else physically demanding I can find.  Im open to new suggestions too